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Posted on Lorazepam Bula Anvisa by Buy Valium Goa

This article was posted on Buy Ambien In Dubai.

It’s Party Gras time at HarborWalk Village! An so the good times will roll at the 3rd Annual “Mardi Gras on the Harbor” on Saturday, Feb. 26, at 2 p.m.

A festive Mardi Gras parade will make its way down the Destin harbor and through the crowds at HarborWalk Village.

Back by popular demand, the amazing Bill Wharton, “The Sauce Boss,” will be performing on the main stage at HarborWalk Village right after the parade. Since 1990, the Sauce Boss has cooked gumbo for his audiences, while simultaneously playing his own swampy Florida blues. A Sauce Boss event transcends a musical performance. It’s a soul-shouting picnic of rock ‘n’ roll brotherhood. At the end of the show, everyone eats a bowl of gumbo for free.

As a “prodigious purveyor of positive pirating,” Cajun swashbuckling Capt. Papillion from New Orleans will be on hand to entertain the kids.

More than 30 civic organizations, community groups, businesses and Mardi Gras Krewes will roll, float, pedal and push in the parade contest with awards, sponsored by HD Action Photography, going to the top three entries. The best overall float will receive a luxurious weekend getaway and spa treatments for two at the Emerald Grande at HarborWalk Village, as well as two round trip tickets on Vision Airlines.

The finale is a post-parade party, zydeco jam, and award celebration featuring the Bourbon Street blues sounds of the Dents Brothers. Crowds can mix it up with a high octane Hurricane at Jesters, sample tasty Creole cooking at The Crazy Lobster, and enjoy live music playing throughout HarborWalk Village.

“The crowds will experience Louisiana-like revelry at the largest and most vibrant celebration this side of Bourbon Street. Come and second line down the harbor,” said Jamie Hall, director of marketing for HarborWalk Village.

HarborWalk Village is located at the foot of the Destin Bridge in Destin, FL. For further information, go to Buy Diazepam Pakistan, or call the Event Hotline at 1-850-424-0600.

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