Breakers Hit the Beaches as Snowbirds Head North

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As the snowbirds begin their migration north, another group of Destin tourists have flocked to the area.

The beaches of Destin are filling up with spring breakers in bikinis and swim trunks despite the cooler temperatures. There are even a few swimmers who are brave enough to test the cold waters.

Taylor Rause and his fellow spring breakers headed to the beach Monday afternoon with their cart packed full of beach chairs, an umbrella and a cooler.

Rause is among a group of 10 students renting a house in Destin on their vacation from homework and tests.

The Appalachian State University student traveled to the Emerald Coast from his college in the mountains of Boone, N.C.

“We’re used to the snow and stuff so this feels good to us,” he said of the temps in the mid-50s. “It’s pretty nice out today, but we were hoping for warmer weather so we might be able to swim.”

However, the cold water didn’t stop a few of Rause’s friends from jumping in the water.

“This is my first spring break trip,” he said. “I came here because of the white, sandy beaches.”

Although Rause has been to Florida a few times, this was his first time in the Destin area.

When The Log asked the group of spring breakers if they were worried about any effects of the oil spill, they said they weren’t worried at all.

“As far as I know, this area of the gulf wasn’t affected by the spill,” Rause said.

After a long day at the beach, the group said they planned to just hang out at the house tonight, but before their week long adventure is over, they plan to go out to some of the bars and clubs.

“We want to go to the Hard Rock Café and a few want to go bungee jumping,” said Rause. “But I don’t know how I feel about that.”

Spring break will continue until the beginning of April.

Spring Break 2011

This list from the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office breaks down the spring break dates for schools that feed the area’s annual beach party.

Who’s here this week

Troy (AL), Florida State, Univ. of Florida, Georgia State, Indiana State, Kentucky State, Louisiana College, Louisiana Tech, Loyola Univ.(LA), Tulane Univ.(LA), Univ. of New Orleans, Univ. of Southern Mississippi, Missouri State, Appalachian State (NC), Duke University (NC), Univ. of North Carolina, Wake Forest (NC), Tennessee Tech, Univ. of Memphis (TN), Vanderbilt Univ.(TN), Eastern Tennessee Univ., Baylor Univ.(TX) *Holy Cross High School (LA).


Auburn (AL), Univ. of Alabama, Univ. of South Alabama, Univ. of Miami, Univ. of North Florida, Univ. of West Florida, Univ. of Georgia, Valdosta State (GA), Univ. of Kentucky, Univ. of Louisville (KY), Louisiana State Univ., Delta State Univ.(MS) Mississippi State, Univ. of Mississippi, Jackson State Univ. (MS), Southeastern Missouri State, Oklahoma State Univ., Univ. of Oklahoma, Univ. of Tennessee, Univ. of Houston (TX), Univ. of North Texas, Univ. of Texas, Texas Tech. *High Schools: Birmingham, Mobile, Montgomery (AL) to include Hoover HS, Santa Rosa Co. (FL), Jackson (MS), Knoxville, Memphis, Nashville (TN)


Univ. of Arkansas, Arkansas Tech, Univ. of Central Florida, North West Florida State College, Columbus State (GA), Georgia IT, Georgia Tech, Univ. of W. Georgia, Georgia SW, Okaloosa Co. (FL) area High Schools


Biloxi (MS) area High Schools


Atlanta (GA) area High Schools to include Oconee HS, Marietta HS, Louisville (KY) area High Schools to include Lexington Catholic HS, Baton Rouge (LA) area High Schools


Dothan (AL), Huntsville (AL) area High Schools, New Orleans (LA) area High Schools


University of Louisiana, Meterie Park HS (LA), Jesuit HS (LA)


Southeastern Louisiana Univ., Lafayette (LA) area High Schools to include Saint Scholastica HS, Saint Paul HS, Catholic HS, Mandeville HS, Walton Co. (FL) area High Schools

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